How many revisions are included in each package?

There is no limit in the number of revisions. We are very strict when it comes to reviewing the different elements of the application (e.g. resume, essays, lors...), and we will go through as many iterations as needed. As several of our clients have mentioned, this is the beauty of our flat fee model.

Is it possible to work with you under an hourly scheme?

Yes, of course. If you believe an hourly scheme is more suitable for you, we are happy to work this way. We are very flexible.

How is payment made?

Payment is made via an online invoice that you can easily pay with your credit card. Wire transfers are also possible if it is easier for you.

We accept payments in USD and EUR.

Do I need to pay 100% up front?

It is very common in the industry to require full payment up front. However, we are happy to offer the possibility to pay in several installments (e.g. two, three...) depending on the package you purchase.

If I decide to work with you, will we be signing an agreement?

Yes. Before you make any payment, we will sign an agreement that will state the services being purchased, the fee and terms & conditions (including payment terms).

Which package is the most appropriate for me?

It depends on what stage of the application process you are in. Most of our clients prefer to work with us from beginning to end (e.g. from school selection, strategy and planning, creation of MBA story... to receiving acceptance letters) and, therefore, they go with a Comprehensive End-to-End Package, which is like an "all-included" package.

But if you have already started working on your applications and have some first drafts, and you believe you just need help bringing your applications to completion, an Application Review Package might be more suitable for you. This package could include all the elements of the application (i.e. CV, Essays, LoRs, online form...), or only specific elements. This is up to you.

Or if you are almost ready to submit, but would like us to review your application and fine-tune it, a Last-Minute Application Review Package might be the one for you.

Just keep in mind that under these two last packages, post-submission services (e.g. interview prep, scholarship essay support, waitlist strategy...) are not included, but you can always add them later on.

If you would like us to split our Comprehensive End-to-End Package into milestones (i.e. interview invitation, acceptance) and pay upon success, we are happy to do so under our new Success Package.

Reach out to us and ask for our rates.

Is it possible to purchase a multiple school Comprehensive End-to-End Package and add schools later on?

Yes. We're very flexible so you can always add schools along the way.

I heard that you specialize in applications for INSEAD and other European schools. Can you still help me with my applications to Top US Programs?

Absolutely! Because of Alex's background (i.e. European + INSEAD graduate), we are approached by many applicants to INSEAD and other Top European schools (e.g. LBS, HEC Paris, IMD, IESE, Oxford, Cambridge...). However, this does not mean that we exclusively work on European programs. As a matter of fact, we are very experienced with all M7 schools (i.e. HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, MIT Sloan, Kellogg and Booth) and Top 25 US schools (e.g. Yale SOM, NYU Stern, Duke Fuqua, UCLA Anderson, Dartmouth Tuck, CM Tepper, USC Marshall, Michigan Ross, Berkeley Haas...).

What distinguishes Alex from other consultants is his global career, strong business acumen and experience as Executive Director and Head of HR at one of Samsung's biggest subsidiaries worldwide. He puts his HR hat on when helping applicants and looks at admissions through the recruiting lens, especially when it comes to writing resumes, explaining career paths, career goals, need for MBA, accomplishments... as well as preparing for interviews. All these aspects are extremely important when it comes to admissions, regardless of whether you are applying to a US, Canadian, Asian... or European school.

Can you guarantee admission to my preferred schools?

Unfortunately, no one can. Not even the Director of Admissions at your target schools, or the Dean for that matter, could guarantee your admission. What we can guarantee, though, is that we will help you put together an outstanding application aimed at maximizing your chances of admission.

What will be the main communication channel and how often will we communicate?

It is really up to you. Most of the time, we will be exchanging documents (e.g. different versions of essays and so on), so for this purpose, the easiest communication method will be email. But for one-off questions or discussions, we will be available via phone, text or any other messenger application such as WhatsApp or Skype. We like to keep frequent communication with our clients, and our turnaround time is very fast, therefore in some phases of the application, it will be very common to communicate or exchange files several times daily.

Will you write the essays for me?

No. We will not write the essays on your behalf. This is called ghostwriting and, ethics aside, it is something we do not recommend because we believe that the most impactful essays are those who are authentic and genuine. What we will do is guide you so that you can write your own materials. We are very hands on when it comes to not only the essays, but all components of the application (resume, letters of recommendation...), and as your coach, we will be as critical as necessary, and when required, we will modify language, structure and flow as well as fix typos, correct grammar mistakes and make the essay word count compliant.